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  • To Renovate or Not To Renovate

    The recent great recession has resulted in many older homes not being torn down or renovated when they typically would have been.  Many of these homes would still be considered tear downs and sell for lot value.  Can you go from a tear down to …

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  • Make Your House Sell-able

    Buyers want move-in-ready homes so update your home to sell it quickly! Get rid of tiles that are 12” x 12” or less. Replace dated Mexican tile. Replace any floor coverings that have been patched in. Raise ceilings that are under 8’ in most situations. …

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  • Luxury Home Needs for Boomers

    Boomers are retiring in droves.  I just returned from my 50th class reunion and found that many had moved to sunnier climes!  What should you look for when buying your luxury retirement home? The jocks in my class are golfing and they are in great …

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  • Are You Staging or Editing?

    What is the difference between staging a home for sale and editing your home you live in?   Recently, I have staged several homes with existing furniture and accessories.  The goal was to see the beauty of the home because the home was attractive and had …

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  • Staging Bedrooms

    During staging to sell your home, bedrooms need to have beds. It is hard for most buyers to envision the space without one. They do know that it can be removed and that the room can easily accommodate a desk or exercise equipment.  For resale …

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    Preparing Your Home for Resale? Use an Interior Designer

    Many need estimates of the work to be done to their homes in order to establish a to do list for more major projects. When renovating, these estimates are often compiled by the contractor. Homeowners can act as their own contractors on their properties and …

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    Your Dream Home! Complete Right Down to Stemware

    The trend in New York, Los Angeles and Miami is to sell new luxury properties fully furnished with sumptuous sofas and chairs, art work, sculpture, fine linens, down coverlets, billiards tables, Steinway pianos, custom rugs, pots, pans, stemware, … and generally the “best” of everything. …

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  • Uncluttered Kitchen

    Real Estate

    Declutter! Show rooms as they are intended for use. More people want a dining room than a pool table in the dining room! If it’s a bedroom, it needs a bed, etc. The furniture remaining in the room should fit the scale of the room …

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  • Snail Shower

    Home Resale

    The following are practical options in homes that all price ranges are gravitating toward: Walk-in showers without a door to clean are great and without curbing even better. The snail model is not necessary if the length of the shower is adequate for water containment. …

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