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  • Centerpieces

    There are many different things that you can use for a table top centerpiece. You can use some of your favorite pieces and just add flowers to them; pick something that helps give that wow factor to your table.  One thing that will help bring …

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  • Where is the TV?

    Many people don’t like the look of a TV in the room.  They can be distracting and become an unintended focal point. There are many different things you can use in your decorating to detract from the focus of the TV but still have it …

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  • Inviting Décor

    There are many great things about having a French aesthetic in your home! Not only is it an inviting décor choice, but is also appeals to the masses. Here are a few tips to help you achieve that Parisian feel. • Always use Antiques when …

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  • Create a Retreat!

    When you are looking to create a serene place to retreat think soft colors and simple design!

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  • Color Carries The Room

    What do you see first in each picture?  The color!  Everything else is secondary.  Something as simple as the four blue canvases (that you could spray paint yourself) are the focal point for the one area.  Follow through with the same color repeated elsewhere.  Green …

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  • Collections

    We all have collections; somethings we purposely seek out when shopping or maybe it’s something you are just drawn to and find yourself slowly collecting more!  Our collections help express who we are in our homes so don’t be afraid to show them off! See this …

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  • Lighting

    Lighting directs the eye and should be layered.  Overhead lighting should be dimmed. Then add lamp light or task lighting for an inviting balance.  If it is dark outside, the only objects anyone will notice are the ones that are lit, so an entirely different …

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  • Expanding Spaces

    Closets and Pantries Many homes have a walk-in pantry and walk-in closets in the master, if not two, and additional smaller scale walk-ins in secondary bedrooms. All of these eat up the standing space that could be part of the open space in the room …

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    Furniture Arrangement

    When arranging your living room furniture there are some measurements that you will want to keep in mind. For walkways leave 30” between furniture for a comfortable walking path Leave 15” between a couch and coffee table; just enough space for walk by and still …

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  • Sw Img Diy Coty1 16 Lp

    When Decorating Think White

    The color White always gives a crisp clean feeling. Especially when it comes to sheets and towel, a bonus is they are bleachable. Cream can also compliment nicely with accent pieces in the room. Sherwin-Williams even selected Alabaster (A shade of white) as their color …

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